Illustration of protestors holding signs, a megaphone, and a banner that says New York City Civil Rights History (a teaching guide)
New York City Civil Rights History, a teaching guide

Welcome to the New York City Civil Rights History Project! Please Read and Acknowledge the Following

Histories of oppression, ableism, and racism are often left out of the curriculum, as are histories of resistance. This site explores these issues in an open and direct way, through historical sources. We use the language that communities have chosen to describe themselves today. However, some historical sources include terms that are offensive today. There may also be sources that are emotionally upsetting.

Educators, we ask that you acknowledge these difficulties and make space for students’ emotional responses. Be intentional in choosing and preparing to teach this material, assess students’ maturity and readiness, and establish clear parameters that will ensure safe, constructive, and respectful dialogue. Please consult these Resources for creating a safe learning community.

Students, we ask that you consider how you and your peers’ identities (as Disabled or nondisabled people, your racial and cultural identity, your gender and sexuality) and life experiences may affect how you respond to these materials.